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Are you serious? Do you mean it?

We make an effort to offer you a high standard of our social events, we strive to ensure the equal number of men and women on all organized events.

We envite to the very event only those candidates who have already paid the admission fee and have the ticket.  

Thes prosedure protects you, because only the custommers with the real and serious interest are prepared to buy the ticket in order to get the permission to enter the event. 


  • The online transfer in your internet banking        

Account number 2800123737  Bank code 2010  ( FIO banka )

  • Do you own FIO bank? The FIO bank transfer from FIO account to FIO account

Account number 2800123737 

  • The cash deposit at one of branches of FIO bank

  • Sending the A cheque from The National Czech Post Office (Česká Pošta)

Jaroslav Vrtek, Sousedíkova 973/9; 190 00 Praha 9 - Vysočany     
Account number 2800123737   Bank code 2010

  • Payments from abroad to FIO bank

The Bank address for international transfers and payments in foreign currencies: Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, 110 00 Praha 1 
IBAN: CZ2120100000002800123737

Don't forget to mark your payment by your variable symbol that is your personal profile number or your mobile phone number ( 9 numbers).

Do you not own the bank account in Czech Republic?

You may pay the fee by taking the cash into one of FIO Bank branch and puting the cash of 399 CZK on the account number 2800123737 (bank code is 2010).

You may also send money through the postal order/post bill from one of National Czech Post Office.
More info at:


How to book the event and pay the admission fee?

The access is allowed only to the participants that have already purchased the tickets. Reservation via SMS, e-mail correspondence or oral reservation is not sufficient and does not authorize to the participation in the event. Some of the events don't require full admission payment in advance. The admission fee is required to be paid in full if the ticket costs up to 500 CZK. The ticket must be purchased in advance before the event. The organisers communicate only with candidates who have purchased tickets and only those candidates will be informed of any changes in time or the place the event will be hold. 

First search the event you like. Look at the event details. Book the event and choose the payment method, purchase the ticket.

For outdoor events or for events with more than 500 CZK entry fee, it is possible according to the instructions for specific actions to send a deposit fee on account of the organizer in advance. The second part will be paid in cash on the spot prior to the event. This procedure allows the participants to feel comfortable, because they didn't have to pay more than 500 CZK in advance for the event that will take place in a couple weeks in the future.

Will I get the admission fee back if I don't come to the event?

If you own the event ticket, you may cancel the reservation at any time. I you do so at least 14 days before the event, you won't loose any money, the credit on your profile will be increased by the ammount of ticket price. Events are planned at least one month in advance. You'll receive the invitation by e-mail and text message, the agency makes the effort to let you know about all events at least a month in advance.


How often do the events take place?

Most often once or twice a month, depends on numbers of participants in the particular districts at a specific age category. Events are taking place also in the regional capitals, which are designed as a catchment areas of ​​the districts.

Can I sign up for an event designed for different age category?

Yes, you can. A few years here or there does not make a difference and not everyone looks for his age. But if your age differs considerably or look younger or older, the event itself may not be effective for you.

How many events can I book at a time?

You can book as many events as you want, you may apply for any event as long your age fits into the event details. You have to buy the ticket in order to participate the event. You can book and attend all events in your region or you can also buy the tickets and attend the events in your neighboring regions, which are available for you.

How many participants do you guarantee on every event?

The optimum condition for Speed ​​dating event is three or more potential partners. The agency usually tries to ensure from 6 to 15 potential partners and always strives for a balanced number of men and women. Do not forget that the agency creates only opportunities for your acquaintance and can not guarantee a certain number of participants. There may start of a life time relationship that will results in marriage, but the agency can't guarantee that.

Some venues have the character of a friendly meeting, at these events, it is mostly about meeting like-minded people and about spending the quality and good time together with other nice people at your age. There are also outdoor events and various sport activities in which is not necessary the equal number of both sexes and events may be held by two or more participants.

Is ten minutes enough?

It's not about to get to know the other participants well. Those few minutes will help you to find out whether you want or don't want to meet the other person again. You'll get the chance to speak to other participants again in the second half of the event. 

What people come to the events?

The events are designed for all ages and are designed for all social classes. You can meet artists, entrepreneurs, senior staff, athletes, scientists and laborers etc. Reasons why people come are different. Participants appreciate the efficiency, others like the opprotunity to meet new people. People don't like the idea to reach someone unknown just on the street and some just haven't had the luck to meet the right person so far.

What is the efficiency?

Usually comes from 12 to 32 participants. Each participant is chosen in average by two other participants. The event participants are having a fun and a good time, even though they did not choose any single participant to whom they liked, they are willing to come again and again. Most participants come to the event up to six times in a row...

What to dress?

It's important to feel good. Take therefore something comfortable. 

Can I come with a friend?

Yes, if your friend is in the age that meets the requirements of the event, then you can come with one, two or three fellows. You can come together and it is wise to cham your friends and accompany each other home and thus protect. Some participants thus solves the fear of meeting new people and feel better on the very event - as they go along to your friend's party. We emphasize that there is nothing to worry about each event will be moderated by friendly smiling guide and moderator. You are going to meet other participants who are interested to get to know you, talk to you and you all will spend a great time having fun.

Other instructions

You will receive more informations from the organiser of the event. Do not be late. You can choose the nickname. Tell to other participants only those informations, that you feel comfortable with. This is a totally discreet and anonymous way of new acquaintance, because no party obtains your contact information, if you will not want to. The organiser sends you the results with the contacts to those participants with whom you felt the mutual sympathy in order to arrange the next second date. Beyond that, it will be up to you what happens next, we wish you good luck ...

The time course of the evening. (model example)

18:45 - arrival of all participants

19:00 - the start, the organiser explains the rules and what are you going to experience

19:20 - the first part of participant's duels (from 5 to 12 minutes)

??:?? - 10 minutes break

??:?? - the second part of participant's duels

??:?? - voluntary uncontrolled free entertainment while listening to music 
           (bowling, play, pantomime, billiards, karaoke, quiz, uncontrolled debate with good food, drinks ...)


If you want to give a gift to a friend, then you must ask the organiser for a special gift voucher code on 
Organiser will send you the unique code, which is also the variable symbol for the payment. The donor makes a payment to the bank account 2800123737/2010. Gift vouchers are used only against payment of a subscription fee for filling in the personal profile and grant access to the customer section. The voucher has a validity of 6 months of exposure, until then the donee should complete a personal profile. Donor shall inform the donee and donee fills the voucher code in the column at  The recipient logs on to the customer section, choose the appropriate event, book the event, purchase the ticket and participate the event. The donee may choose an action in any region and may choose any number of events of any entrance fee. Tickets are paid by the donee himself.




You can book the event by purchasing the ticket. Admission fee send to an account 2800123737/2010 Fio banka, a.s.  
Do you not own internet banking? You will find other possible ways of paying admission:
Mark every payment by nine-cell number (variable symbol).

Customer cancelation

You can cancel your reservation in your self-service customer section in any time, the organiser will increase your credit and you can use these credits the next time you book the event.  Customer section allows you to edit your personal profile, disable informative text or e-mail messages, views the summary of your booked events. If the event could not take place for some reason, you can choose an alternative date. Your canselation must not be less than 14 days before the very event starts.

Organiser's cancelation 

If the event could not take place for some reason, then the organiser will create a new event date and this information will be sent to you. In this case your admission is loaded on your account, the credit will be increased by the amount of the ticket price and you will not have to pay in cash for your next chosen event, because you may pay with your credits from your customer section. Your admission will be returt to you if the organiser doesn't offer the event in your catchment region within 24 months from the payment of your admission.

How will I get the info about the event cancelation?

You will be always informed about rescheduling the event, either by text or e-mail messages or by mobile phone call.


How does the agency practise the event outcome?
Each participant has the "Diary of sympathy". Participats fill in the Diary and give it to the moderator just before the second part of the event starts. The second part is in the spirit of free uncontrolled entertainment and participants can talk to any sympathetic man or woman as they want. 

You don't need to reveal your awn first name if you don't want to. Participants can use nicknames and reccomend participants to speak only about things that they will feel comfortable with. The participants contacts will be sent to one other participant only if there is a mutual aggreement and sympathy. The agency ships the event results until 12:00 AM the first day after the event. Participants can choose whether they want to receive the result in the form of e-mail or text message.

How do we keep the privacy of participants? 
Every participant signs only one document. The list of persons present contains only the client ID. Other participants don't know your name or other contact informations. Participants don't use their real names but choose the nickname for the event. If there will not occur any mutual sympathy, then no one will be passed to your contact information. That is why is this kind of dating so safe and discrete. Don't talk to other participants about the things that you aren't comfortable with. Agency doesn't operate with no other personal information.



The credits can be seen after you log into the customer self service section. If you own the ticket and your event is canceled, then the agency increase your number of credits by the ticket price. Participants can cancel their booked events and the credits will be increased if the cancelation took place 14 days before the exact start of the event. Credit will be always increased if the event was canceled by the organiser. 

Conversion: 1 credit = 1CZK. Credits are non-refundable. Credit can be transferred to another personal profile, all demands must be sent to . Organiser may allocate extra client loyalty credit.


Customer section allows to all registered users to search for the best event and book the seat at the event. The reservation and the interest in event participation is confirmed by purchasing the ticket. 

Logged users get an overview of all booked historical events and see the status of their orders. The customer section allows to edit and update informations and text embedded into the personal profile.
The user may disable sending text or e-mail informational messages. Users can also disable the personal profile.
Users can also send from the customer section their request to the organisers regarding the preferred type of event, day of the week, date and time of the event itself.

Payment of CZK 399 for completing a personal profile, also for choosing the user name & password, that serves as the access to customer account section, send to bank account 2800123737 with bank code 2010 (FIO banka, a.s.), Payment ID is ten-digit personal account number that you will receive after completing the profile. You can also use your nine-digit Czech mobile number.

When will I get the access?

The access to the customer section will be granted to those users, that have paid the one-of life time fee. Filling out a personal profile and allocating the login & password as an access to the customer section is charged by one-of life time fee of 399 CZK. Mark the money transfer either by your ID that was sent to you in e-mail or by your mobile number that you used in the your profile.

Each user can choose login and password himself when fills out a brief personal profile.

Forgotten login and password.

Never mind, you can easily obtain the access in the link   put your e-mail address to empty field and you will receive the link on your e-mail, click on the link and you can set your new password.

If you can not find the text or e-mail messages in which the agency sent the unique ID, you can use the nine- diget mobile number that was used in your profile.

If you don't know your unique nickname which serves as the access to customer sectint (your user name and login), then please contact your regional organiser  or send the e-mail at 


If you have decided that you will regularly log into the customer section and therefore you have no longer interest to receive the informative text or e-mail messages with the event information from the organiser, you may disable receiving the messages at

If you don't want to use any services in the future, you can deactivate the access to the customer section and your personal profile at


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